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Lana Bateman - Philippian Ministries

Lana Bateman

Founder & Director

our history

After a lifetime of emotional struggles, bad habit patterns and the inability to break free from a painful past, Lana prayed for God's direction. An active Christian, Bible teacher, working woman and mother, Lana knew there had to be a bridge between her emotional difficulties and the victorious Christian life.


On May 29, 1979, God in His mercy released Lana from mental turmoil through a very special day of prayer. After experiencing the results of this kind of ministry, it was her desire to share this, "wonderful peace and freedom" with all who would come...and come they have. 

Philippian Ministries was established from the immediate stream of hurting Christians who came to Lana for prayer direction. Hundreds of men, women, married couples and families have been set free through Emotional Healing Prayer. Philippian Ministries has touched lives in countries around the world including New Zealand, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel.  


Our Prayer Directors volunteer at least two full days per week to this special prayer time, each person who comes to Philippian Ministries is able to receive one-on-one care.  

our book

Philippian Ministries and Lana's book, Help for Hurting Hearts (previously titled God's Crippled Children), have opened new doors of hope and understanding for multitudes of suffering saints and have challenged the Body of Christ to respond to its walking wounded. 

Lana's earnest desire is to see emotional healing ministries available throughout the United States and around the world. Currently, Lana travels several months out of the year, sharing her testimony, the Gospel and providing her book, at no cost, to all participants. 


Most of the Philippians Ministries' audience speak different languages and are from many different religions.


God's Crippled Children is now titled Help for Hurting Hearts

Help for Hurting Hearts (Previously titled God's Crippled Children)

emotional healing prayer

It is amazing to see these precious people filled with the love of Jesus through His glorious grace. As their faith in God grows, some choose to pursue Emotional Healing Prayer to be set free from spiritual bondage. Lana facilitates this special prayer time. 

prayer directors

In addition, she also trains those who have gone through Emotional Healing Prayer to become Prayer Directors for Philippian Ministries. 

These Intercessors minister to their local communities the healing power of Jesus Christ, Who came to heal the sick and set the captives free.

Interested in becoming a prayer director?
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